Kunci Gitar Lagu Mr. Big - Wild World [Chord]

Kunci Gitar Lagu Mr. Big - Wild World [Chord]
Pembukaan [Intro]: Dm G C F Bb A Asus4-A

Now that I've lost everything to you

______ F________________ Bb
You say you want to start something new

And it's breaking my heart you're leaving

_______ Asus-A
Baby I'm grieving

Dm___________ G_______C 
And if you wanna leave take good care

Hope you have a lot of nice things to wear

Gm________________A________ C 
And a lot of nice things turn bad out there


F__ C________ Bb
Uuu baby, baby, it's a wild world

C_______ Bb__________ F______C
It's hard to get by just upon a smile

F__ C___Bb__
Uuu baby, it's a wild world

C______ Bb_________ F___________ Gm A
I'll always remember you like a child girl_____ .

Dm_____ G_____
You know I've seen a lot of

What the world can do

F___________________ Bb 
And it's breaking my heart in two

______ Gm_______________A
Cause I never want to see you sad girl

________ Asus4-A 
Don't be a bad girl

_Dm_____G____________ C 
*But if you wanna leave take good care

________F__________________ Bb
Hope you make a lot of nice friends out there

Just remember there's

______A_______ C
A lot of bad and beware

Ulang Kembali ke Reffnya* [1x] 

Melodi: Dm G C F Bb Gm A Asus4-A

Repeat *

Ulang Kembali ke Reffnya* [2x]

Kunci Gitar Lagu Bryan Adams - Heaven [Chord]

Kunci Gitar Lagu Bryan Adams - Heaven [Chord]
Pembuka Intro: C , Am , G , F (2X)

C_ Am__________ G
Oh, thinking about all our younger years
_____Dm_____ Am
There was only you and me,
____Bb________ G
we were young and wild and free
Now, nothing can take you away from me
_____ Dm_______ Am
We've been down that road before
_____ Bb__________G
But that's over now, you keep me comin' back for more

F_____ G_____Am
Baby you're all that I want
When you're lying here in my arms
F_______G____ Am______ G
I'm finding it hard to believe we're in heaven
F_____ G_____Am
And love is all that I need
___C__________ F
And I found it here in your heart
F______G___ Am_____ G
It isn't too hard to see we're in heaven

C_ Am__________G
Oh, once in your life you find someone
____ Dm_______ Am
Who will turn your world around
_____Bb__________ G
Bring you up when you're feeling down
C__ Am______________G
Yeah, nothing could change what you mean to me
_____ Dm________Am
Oh there's lots that I could say
____ Bb___________G
But just hold me now, 'cause our love will light the way

{c: chorus}
I've been waiting for so long
For something to arrive
For love to come along
C Dm_______ E___F
Now our dreams are coming true
Through the good times and the bad
Yeah, I'll be standing there by you

F , G , Am , C , F , G , Am , G